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05 November 2004 @ 08:59 pm
I am a Goddess of Fire!!!!

Well, it might be more accurate to say I am a demi-Goddess of Fire. Or an accolyte. A handmaid, even. I'm a handmaid of Fire. To the point, it took me for frelling-ever to get a fire going in the woodstove tonight. Honestly, I think my fire-building skills are in severe need of help. Said skills lack elegance, efficiency. Ultimately, they yield results, but, gracious! What a trial.

As for NaNo, I'm still woefully behind where I ought to be. I've written just shy of 2k words today. A thousand more to go to reach my self-imposed goal (though I was certain I'd surpass that, easily). Here's the thing: I was waiting for the propane guy to come fix the heater stove in my office. Thus, I really couldn't get to caught up with anything involving the computer, as he'd need to work out there when he showed up. Which was around three in the afternoon. And here's the other thing: eight hundred dollars. Yup. To fix my heater stove. With a thirty day guarantee on the repairs. Umm.... no.

So, for the time being I have a space heater near my desk, and my earlier plea for snow has been tempered by an urgent need to find an alternate heating source for my work space.

Old Blind Dogs are serenading me. I have gained a bit of momentum on NaNo (even if the story really has yet to kick in). I am a handmaid of Fire.

Not bad, all told.
Sunflower Inkwellwritingrat on November 5th, 2004 06:34 pm (UTC)
*pats* *hands a torch*