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I voted today. I meant to be the veryfirst person at the polls, but I turned off my alarm and slept an extra fifteen minutes. So it was that I was voter #3. I went into the booth, took a moment to look at the choices, and clicked the tiny levers. I double checked to make sure I hadn't voted for anyone evil by accident, then pulled the lever that registered my vote and opened the curtains all at once. Such a marvelous, theatrical device!

I then waited for Don to vote, and as I did, realized there were no "I Voted Today!" stickers. Come on! It's all about the lever, the swish, and the sticker! And having a say in the political future of our nation. For the record, I think the political future of our nation should include "I Voted Today!" stickers. And perhaps cookies and juice, like you get when you give blood (unless you go to Paramus, NJ, in which case there are no cookies).

Now I'm scouring the web, checking exit polls and catching up on articles at Salon. Also hiding from NaNovel. Don't tell. I just can't concentrate.
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