Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

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To do today:

- Make white bean/veggie soup
- Make lentil soup
- Clean office!!!!! (can not start NaNo with dust kittens rolling about)
- Put all craft type items in one place
- Shelve errant books
- Laundry
- Sweep main room, bathroom and bedroom
- Get sorry butt on treadmill for at least half an hour
- File stack o' paperwork

And away I go...


I put all the paperwork in a central location; I'll likely file it on Monday. As for working out... not happening today. Sure and I'm a lazy sod, but there it is. I will be going for a hike tomorrow, as it promises to be fair, so that's a wee bit better.

And might I say that I make lentil soup like nobody's business.
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