Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Horsey musings

I rode my joust steed today. It was a spectacularly gorgeous autumn afternoon, and after watchin Kevin shoe Smoke (and after I pepperred him with endless questions about farriery (farrier-ing? farrier-osity?)), Nick and I took Os and Malibu to Roselawn.

We took it fairly easy. Played tag. Let them run around. Oso, while not going above a fast canter, was having a ball. I tried to stop him at one point, and he was having none of it. I let him have is head to run about like a young 'un. It makes me sad that Oey's getting old. Not just older: old. I know he's got another season or three or five in him. Jeanne even said it was best to keep Os and Dante working. Still...

Jeff stopped by for a few minutes as we were riding out. "You have a real thing going with this horse," he told me, all seriousness. Y'know, I really do. We work well together, and we'll continue to find our way - which is why I'm wishing he were magically a decade younger.

I should just be happy with what I've been given. So I am, if a bit wistful. And I will start training on Fortune as soon as Faire is done; she'll need some work to get her up to Malibu's speed, but she's a smart horse and I think she'll be game.
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