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13 September 2004 @ 02:04 pm
Weekend the Sixth  
This was a bit of a rough one. We’d come off of a three-day performance into a four-day recovery period (what Lewis calls the hidden “F--- You” of Labor Day). There were very few people in full voice, myself included. My body was still weary.

But, the weather was gorgeous and the crowds, though subdued, were rather nice.

We weren’t sure what to expect on Saturday (as it was the third anniversary of the events of 9/11). People came, and they had a good time, but they were less boisterous than usual, and according to the vendors they just weren’t buying. Whether it had anything to do with the date, I could not say.

Scene-wise the day was lovely. ‘RH meets MM’ remains my favourite. It’s always a joy! Caught Hood by surprise (and nearly giggled myself) after telling Tuck to “shoo!” when he got between Hood and I.

Regarding singing: I ran to the CP set after the first RH scene so that Kel and I could do ‘Tom o’ Bedlam.’ We were to do it at Pub Sing, and as we’ve not sung it together since last summer, a warm-up was no bad idea. We remembered all of the verses - in the right order, even. Yay, us! As for Wenches, my verses were fine. The Aragorn ‘Caviar’ verse went over well with my fellow geeks.

Not much to say about Chess Games. A wee glitch in the Hood fight went unnoticed by one I trust to catch everything, but the traveling phrases were lovely. My fight with milfsrus continues well. I’ve managed not to hit her on the head of late. ::insert weak chuckle here::

Jousts? Not bad, but not as good as they have been – at least, not for me. I missed the Sheriff on his fall pass, and we had to add two more. Dammit. I’ve not done that crap since second weekend. Also, one of the breaks tipped up into his helm. It was a particularly light one, but still… I thought I’d fixed that problem. Again: DAMMIT. In the second show, though, Lewis and I had three beautiful double hits. Very pretty, I was told.

Dinner is worth mentioning, since milfsrus made her kick-ass stewed chicken. Had a lovely quiet evening hanging with a few people at the tack house. Early to bed but not much sleep, thanks to forgotten ear plugs and still sore leg.

I was sure we’d be absolutely slammed on Sunday. Not so. Nice sized crowds, but no record-breaker.

Well, it was bound to happen. During the Bridge scene, just after the fight, Hood’s quarterstaff ended up in the water. No big, really, as it would have been if a sword fell in. The staff was retrieved. I did not see the process, but it was determined that one of the paddle boats (sans canopy) can easily fit under the bridge should such a rescue operation be needed in the future. Oh, and here’s the kicker: it was my quarterstaff. Yup! The one I use later in the day for my fight with Killmore. Such joy!

Here’s but one reason why I love my Robin Hood. I’d had a bad time of it at the joust (more on that later). So, after the ‘Rescue of Will Scarlett,’ we went backstage as usual to grab a sip of water before ‘Meet the Band.’ He told me to stay back there a moment and cover my ears. Shortly thereafter, he pulled me out onstage and gave the audience a sign. “Marian,” they shouted, “Robin Hood loves you!” Lovely, lovely and still more lovely.

I had two new verses again, in keeping with my mantra “They may be lame, but they’re new!” The ‘Caviar’ verse was not quite in keeping with what it ought to have been, but it got a laugh from the same geek contingent, so I was fine with that. Too, saying anything remotely dirty about Friar Tuck is a good idea.

The audiences at the Chess Games were almost eerily silent. I don’t think they were having a bad time, they just weren’t as vocal as most of our crowds. They always adore the fight between Carrie Standard and Don Juan (‘cause it is a damned beautiful fight, and they do it very well), the fight between Hood and the Sheriff, between Hood and the guards, the Sheriff and Dudley…

Speaking of adoring fights, I am going to miss my fight with Hood. It is just a joy to do. Bah. I get to do it four more times, and I’m going to revel in every one of them!

Right, then. Jousts. I’m not going into huge detail here, but let me just say that I had a bad day. I was in my head and perceived things as much worse than they actually were (as I will do).

First show I lost at the games, missed a fall hit and tipped a breakaway lance up. Second show, I got the first fall hit and missed the second. Felt beyond horrible about that. Miles beyond. Yes, people managed to shake sense into me. It took a hell of a lot of shaking.

Okay, spineless selfish whinging done. Now for something completely frivolous: my bodice now laces all the way shut after the first joust. Vanity, thy name is me.

On the subject of “Ball…” verses, it is astounding how many people want to take part! It’s great to see such enthusiasm; the tough part it accommodating everyone who wants to sing one. We have four more shows; hopefully, everyone will get a shot.
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