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18 August 2003 @ 04:26 pm
Ren Faire, Weekend the Third  
Busy, busy weekend. For a wonder, it only rained a very little bit. Ashlinn and her parents came! They are all very sweet, and Ashlinn is just lovely. She got the most beautiful garb (so jealous!) but I’ll let her post about that. She also brought the advance copy of ‘Monstrous Regiment.’ *hugs!!!!!* to Jessa, Ashlinn and Terry Pratchett, as it was the work and generosity of all three of you that delivered it into my hands.

Other notable moments/events/et al:

-The return of wonderful patrons! Christina and her mom came. I met them the first year (I think) that I was Marian, and saw her most recently at the School Day performance. She is just a delight. Must be about twelve, now. She was dressed in green and had made herself a longbow (of sorts) so she could be my sidekick. Then there was Mason, Nick’s four-year-old cousin. According to his Mom, he talked about me quite a bit since last season, and promptly showed his devotion upon seeing me again. He favored me with numerous kisses, and even bought me a wooden rose. Ouch, far too cute!

-Lord Byron. Erika (the lovely and talented harpist) rescued a tiny tabby kitten near her home in Brooklyn. As he’s so very wee, he still needs to be bottle fed, so she brought him to the faire. There was kitteny goodness galore. It’s a wonderful way to start the day, having a little ball of purring fluff fall asleep nestled against your neck.

-Jousts. Both days went pretty well, save for the fact that I left both of the first jousts icing something down. Saturday it was my shield elbow. My pad had slipped, and I took two really solid hits wherein the metal hook of the shield was against my unprotected inner elbow. Icing helped immensely. The bruise is not too bad. On the same day I did something to my right hand, just at the base of the index finger (it feels like a bone bruise, but who knows?). All I know is that holding a lance makes it worse. On Sunday, it was a right pain to peel the glove off, so swollen was the hand. I iced it during the ensuing Wench set, and thought it would be all right. It was exacerbated during the final joust on Sunday, and on top of that I got whacked with a broadsword at the base of the right thumb during the ground fight. My hand and wrist went numb. All I could think was ‘Don’t drop the sword... you still have a whole section of the fight to finish!’ Today I feel as if a horse had trampled me. I’ve multiple bruises and aches, but such is a jouster’s lot, I suppose.

-My silly crush. Saturday night I talked to cute guitar player quite a bit. Then I realized I was just yammering, felt silly, and slid out of that group and into another. Not long after, I looked up to see him standing by me again. I resumed yammering, feeling a bit better.

-Pub Sing. I bitch and moan about it all the time. It’s at the very end of the day, after the final joust. I’m tired, sweaty, and the last thing I want to do is get back into costume and sing for half an hour. Then I get there, get up on stage with Kelley, and we start dancing about like idiots and always end up having an absolute blast. We did a few of our favorites -‘Fire Marengo’ and ‘Squid Jiggin’ Ground’ on Saturday, ‘Old Dun Cow’ and ‘Tom of Bedlam’ on Sunday. Kel and I got to sing the latter. Thank the Gods it was a Sunday, as that’s a ‘blow what you have left of your voice’ type of song.

It’s back to normal life, for a few days. I’m off to laundry and chores. Ah well. Five more days and I can be a Hero again.
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I hear: 'Fire Marengo'
moileaflette on August 18th, 2003 11:19 pm (UTC)
*giggles* I have garb!!

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend... and about the crush thing, yes, the faire does seem to abound with good looking and above all CHIVALROUS men, doesn't it? *sighs like the Bold and Stupid Men taught her to*