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Opening Weekend

Novella length entry about this, even though I was trying to describe it in the most economical way possible...
What I did on Opening Weekend
by Kelly

Let me just preface this by saying I was due to get my period this past weekend. Great timing.

Well, it rained Friday night. We awoke to a damp and slightly muddy Saturday morning only to find there was a line for the lower showers. Cranky Kelly tried to keep her mouth shut. I thought instead of the day ahead of me, and spent a good 15 minutes pacing as someone took a shower far, far, FAR too long. Really. Consideration, people! After my tepid shower (no HOT water left), Don and I went out for breakfast....

But on to the good stuff. The weather was not brilliant, but it could have been worse. It was unbearably muggy, yet the temperature never broke 90ºF. Even though sweat was trickling down my back at 9a.m., it was almost manageable. There was occasional cloud cover, and every so often we were blessed with a breeze. Since we had not run an entire Faire day during dress, we found a multitude of scheduling glitches. It’s always a bit irksome - more so when you have NO time in between scheduled sets/scenes/shows.

On the bright side, the first joust went rather well. I won the obstacle course with a score of 18. Neeley was there (one of the jousters when I first started the Faire). He gave me an enormous hug and told me I was doing great work. Woo. Hoo. WOW!!! Neeley praised my jousting and tiltyard skills. I was floored. Oh, and I didn’t get my period just as I got on my horse, as I had feared, so that was all to the good.

On the dark side was the Fight Warm-up incident. Now, it’s customary to mark your fight before going out and doing it. Before Chess Game 1 AND 2, the Crimson Pirates had song sets that caused them to arrive at the chess board right as the show was about to start. Not cool, as there are three fighters in their number. That means their three partners (of whom I am one) had to wait to warm up their fights and thus the games started late. *stamps foot indignantly!* Not cool. I could spew a whole rant on this, but.... *breathe, Kel. Just breathe*

Oh, for those who know my bodice-indecision... it’s working out just fine. I get to look thin AND still do all the fighting and singing without passing out. Plus, my posture is perfect! It can not help but be with all that boning. Yipes!

At the 500 Wench Singers set it began to rain. As we got to the joust closet at about 5:30, the skies opened up. Luckily, I was in the joust closet for the worst of it, so I didn’t get utterly soaked. It was an absolute torrent for a solid 25 minutes before it finally let up. Chris sent the squires and any available peasant out to rake and shovel the field, trying to drain off puddles and move drier sand to mushier areas. Rengirlie already posted on LJ about this, but I will say again that the crew out there preparing the field ROCKED. It’s pain-in-the-rear backbreaking work, and they made it possible for us to do a show for the patrons who remained, of which there were a good number. The jousters had a quick meeting. JT came back and spoke directly to me, saying, "If you don’t feel comfortable jousting in these conditions, then don’t. I wouldn’t. You don’t have to be a hero." Mind you, everyone else was game to go. I hated the thought of being the girl who didn’t have the courage to do it. Of course if I really felt I couldn’t handle my horse or that he really might take a fall, I would have leapt on that out. As it was, I held up my hand. "I’ll be fine." We cut the number of passes to five, did the ground fight after and all was well. No injuries. Then it was Pub Sing and back to the tents to cook dinner. Could have been worse. Could still have been raining....

...which it did overnight. Sunday morning dawned clammy and very muddy. I got us to the showers earlier. We had to wait a little less, but did have to deal with someone who has long been a source of annoyance. I may speak more of this later, but I’d rather just try to let it go. *breathe, Kel, breathe!*

Sunday was just as humid, yet all was well until Chess Game 1. The Crimson Pirates came a little earlier, but then my fears were realized. I mentioned in earlier LJ posts that my partner is notorious for botching his own choreography and blaming it on his opponent. Well, guess what, folks? I won’t go into detail, but it was not pretty. And I know I didn’t handle it well. I managed to finish marking it, went out to join the Robin Hood band waiting for the entrance into the scene and tried to stop shaking. After a few minutes Lewis said, "Kel, you OK?" I heard this come out of my mouth: "I will never fucking fight Dan again. He changed the choreography. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do." Just to let you know, when I tried to tell him what the moves should be, and had been from day one, he said, "Well, I must be hallucinating." PRICK!!!!!!! Frankly, I was so angry and shaken and on the verge of premenstrual tears, I just said, "I will change it to whatever move you tell me to. Let’s just go." Thus, during the game, I entirely screwed up the second phrase if the fight because my head was still trying to wrap itself around "So I now need to step in on his aggressive move even though I’ll have to add more footwork to move back to compensate for my own response." I could have cried. Probably would have if I didn’t have to go joust.

TANKED at the obstacle course. Got my lowest score in weeks (14). Sucky McSucksuck - that’s me!. On the brighter side, I got three out of five hits. (I really need to work on my solid passes)

During the second Bridge scene (roundabout 3:45) it began to rain. Again. And this time, it didn’t stop. We did a full Chess Game in the rain (and no, the fight went no better the second time and I would like to reiterate I will NEVERNEVERNEVER fight Dan again. Ever.) It kept pouring during the 5:00 Wench set, so we moved it under the minimal shelter offered by the covered picnic tables. We squished and splashed back to the joust closet after, certain that Chris would have called the joust by then . Nope. He was holding off. "The show is rain or shine!" he reminded us. We knew this, of course, but seeing the lake that was the joust field, none of us could imagine sending fighters out onto it, much less 1800 lb. horses. Ultimately, all was cancelled... save Pub Sing. "There won’t be anymore fighting today, so you can drink a beer if you want!" he added. So we were off to the Rogue’s Gallery stage again. Kelley and I each had TWO beers during the nearly hour-long show (it’s normally 30 minutes). Even though we were completely soaked, chilled and exhausted, it was a complete blast. Some of our male performers, spearheaded by Bill (playing the Herald) jumped in with BRILLIANT choreography. It was a supreme bonding moment for those of us who stayed out in the elements to entertain the 50+ folk who stayed.

Poor costumers. They have a bitch of a week ahead of the, laundering and drying and brushing mud from unlaunderables.... Ugh. I think I’ll make cookies for them.

One last bright note... I got my period this (Monday) morning. Yay! for timing!
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