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Ah, Dress Rehearsal weekend.

It was by turns productive and alarming. The weather was miserably hot and humid and we sweated by the bucket-load. I’m aching in pretty much every muscle. But, the show is ready. Mostly.

Costumes are another matter entirely. I’m not going to say anything more on that. I might cry. Or hit something. Not just on my own behalf, either.

Saturday was the truly hot and miserable one; I’d sweated through my bodice by noon. We ran the first half of the Faire day. The first joust was an absolute clusterfuck. The early scenes were rather nice. The Singing Wenches had a chance to what will be the 5:00 set – the really bawdy one. ‘Twas good, and since we had a bit of extra time, we ‘Johnny’d’ Angelo.

The first Chess Game went far better than I had expected. My fight with Robin Hood is such a joy!

Now, every Faire has a parade. I truly do not like it. I’ve never liked being in it, but I’m told that patrons enjoy it, so… Lionel has decided to enliven the parade this year by making it a Noise Parade. Everyone has drums or other instruments, or songs, or chants, or even something visually interesting– you get the idea. He situated the Robin Hood band at the end of the parade and then told us we could screw with the parade as much as we wanted, so long as we didn’t actually stop it in its course. Since we all had snagged tree branches and were doing our best Birnam Wood, we took that and ran. Literally. In full frelling costume (for me, that’s tights, underskirt, overskirt, blouse and beautiful but very restrictive bodice) we ran between booths to get ahead of the parade. We crouched just before the parade came by, and once they had passed we ran AGAIN. This time it was over Forest Walk to get near to the Chess Board. Robin Hood and Will Scarlet are young bucks. I am not. Too, I had the encumbrance of skirts wrapping about my legs. I heard Tuck yell, “I can’t believe you’re making me run!” which of course made me snort – not conducive to running. We made it though, and formed a ‘tree’ in the middle of the road.

So, after all of this running around like complete idiots in full costume on an abysmally hot and humid day, it turns out that the band cannot be in the parade. We have a scene at that very time. ::grrrrr::

Don and I camped for the first time this year. It was a nice, mellow evening. I talked joust stuff with Lewis and Jeff – always fun. Chatted books with Angelo and Cara. Looked at the full moon. Very nice.

On to Sunday. You just know the day is going to suck when you awake to the sound of rain pounding down on your tent. You know it is going to suck even more when you realize that it isn’t the sound of rain that awakened you, but cramps.

The rain did abate. The cramps, not so much. The weather was moderately better. I still ended up drenched and icky by day’s end. We ran the second half of the day, though Chris also gave us two hours of horse time to fix Joust 1.

Chess 2 was fine. Again – I love my fight with milfsrus! Robin Hood and I also took some time to run our Chess 1 fight four or five times; the fight captain gave us an excellent note, and it cleaned up a few spots beautifully.

Meet the Band was rocky, but it really was the very first time we’d run it. I do not doubt it will do well once we have an audience.

Joust 2. Erm. Most of it went swimmingly. The ceremonial stuff at the beginning was lovely; the execution/ground fight at the end was excellent. The middle section – the part with the actual joust passes – not so smooth, that. On the second pass, Tamara started bucking on the list. Oso, on the other side of the rail, shied away. Unfortunately, it set him off for the rest of the passes. He was not listening to me on the next run. On the fourth pass, he flipped. He stumbled, and when he recovered he started crowhopping. I got tossed about a bit, but I really thought I had it. Then he bucked and twisted and that was it. I was off – pretty much under my own control, but still… When I got back on him, Oso still hadn’t calmed. I didn’t even pick up a lance. I used my lance hand to rein him in. I felt like a wimp for doing so, but I needed him to listen to me.


Then it was off to Pub Sing. Kelley gave me a lovely leg massage (I strained it when I fell, and I think I may have it with the edge of my shield– I have the loveliest bruise now!).

T&P followed, and then that was that. We are done until next Saturday. Opening Day. Shite.

Now I shall be off to take my freaky horse for a trail ride. Hopefully that will loosen up some of my muscles. Sheesh, but I’m sore.
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