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"I love my job, I love my job, I love my job"

Dress rehearsal is supposed to be rocky, is it not?

Saturday: In the very first scene I ran headfirst (and with considerable momentum) into a solid steel girder. It knocked the hat off my head and left me with a gigantic goose-egg on my forehead.

Joust 1 rehearsal: OK. I did really, really REALLY well in the obstacle course: I missed a single ring. That’s it. And I did get the Money Ring, so woohoo! Trouble was, the guy announcing it just made up scores when we were all done, so even though in fact I won, he said otherwise. Shouldn’t have made me cranky, but it did, as I may never ride the course so well again. Crankier when going to ‘arm up’ and I pulled my helm on over that huge goose-egg. OUCH.

Chess Game 1: not bad except for a major kerfuffle at the end of my fight. I went for the trap and bind, only to find my opponent’s swords weren’t there. Upon realizing it was not my fault (my partner had pulled his swords out... what the?), I felt a bit better. Still hated sucking at the fight in front of an audience.

Wench songs: audience of our peers loved what we did. Wow.

Scenes went well enough. Wish there had been water at the various stages, as it was hot, humid, and we were in layers of heavy costumes. grrr.

Sunday: Came in very tired, thanks to little sleep and nocturnal panic (more on that at some time...). Sat around a lot in the morning; ran Bridge 2 (with fights), ate lunch, and went to watch MacBeth. Well, part of MacB. I sat with Lewis. The show was... spotty. That’s all I will say in this forum.

Chess Game 2: followed MacB; my partner plays the title role, and came to this scene utterly spent. As we warmed up our fight, I found that I could not read a thing in his eyes, he was so tired. eeep! The actual run of the show was OK. He blamed me for his lapses, but this is nothing new. It still makes me doubt my own ability, though I should know better.

Joust 2: once again, forgot the goose-egg when jamming my helm onto my head. Ow, ow, ow. Rediscovered the joys of dismounting and remounting while in armor and utterly exhausted at the end of a long weekend. Ground fight was better than it should have been; Jeff (my final fight partner) actually seemed to approve!

Then, dripping sweat and feeling completely pummeled, it was back into costume and beautiful though very tight bodice (it makes me look thin and so all that is vain in me says "screw it... you can breathe during the week!") for an hour of Wench Singers. Again, the audience made it all worth it. That and being next to Kelley during ‘Cuckoo’s Nest.’
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