Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

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tra la la!

All day onsite rehearsals loom ahead...

Have I looked at my scripts?

No. I have not.

Have I considered my fight choreography?


But la! How jolly! For I am the merry maiden of the Greenwood! Ho, lads!

Buggrit. That's not going to cut it, is it? Oh, and I did NOT write the bookends (beginning and ending bits, in my parlance) for 'Meet the Band!' Which means either Hood is on his own in making stuff up OR we all see how fast the six and seven year old children can run to get Robin and Marian a beer. Under twelve seconds? You're in the band! Huzzah!

Ah, well. Hey, caragana_leaves, did I ever do the 'drunken Marian' bit for you? Or was I too cautious at the time?
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