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Ick, ick, ick. Car accidents suck.

I apologize for the language. I just can't find the words; I can't make this interesting or even remotely articulate. Coming home from my doctor's appointment today, I was rear-ended. There I was, quietly sitting at a red light and next thing I know, my neck is whipping forward. Someone smashed into the car behind me, making the car in the middle look like an accordion and leaving my own vehicle with a severely shortened rear-end. The fender got pushed so far in it’s scraping the back tires, and the hatch will no longer shut.

Now I’m dealing with an insurance company in the state of New Jersey-NOT FUN!!! And I have to deal with repair shops in the morning, as well as the knowledge that I will not have my car for this weekend (dress rehearsal) and perhaps not for opening weekend either. grumble, grrr.

I’m going to have a hot bath and a glass of wine and, perhaps, a good cry.

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