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I love.... (faire version)

I'm going through some trying times, but even amidst the turmoil I am constantly reminded of the good things. This follows a grueling two-days on site for Faire rehearsal, with another to come tomorrow:

I love the sun beating down upon my bare shoulders. I love having to get accustomed to the sun-glare on the chessboard. I love the scent of fresh-cut grass. I love the creak of saddle leather. I love the haze of the dust from the joust field, rising to diffuse the afternoon sunlight. I love the press of a shield on my arm, the feel of the lance in my hand; the surge of power as my horse leaps to the list. I love the twist and shift of my body as it meets my horse's crowhops and turns.

I love the weight of a sword on my hip. I love the swirl of skirts about my ankles as I spin and dodge. I love the play of muscles in my shoulders, my back, my legs. I love the trickle of sweat down my back, down my bodice. I love the moments of legend that spark into my everyday life. I love the chance to feel as if I'm bigger than I truly am.

I love my job.
Tags: love, nyrf
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