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12 July 2004 @ 06:56 am
dusty, hot and sweaty redux  
Glorious weather, once again! It makes things ever so much easier when you're not being rained on.

We started with the Ground Fight. It's looking really good. Huge applause to Robin; the entire process was painless. We've got the fight up and running and we still have three weeks to rehearse it. Brilliant!

The Squires brought the horses down at noon so that the jousters could have an hour of riding time. After warming up, we set up the tiltyard games (sans some of the gear) so that we could all run the pattern, and so that the squires could get used to their responsibilitites. Tam and Smoke did surprisingly well. Oso and Dante were both dogging it, but O picked in the final round.

After that, we worked the cheat (ie, the Sheriff hitting Marian off her horse as she rides her victory lap). The other horses had been taken up to the paddocks. Oso displayed his unhappiness at this by evading capture after my fall. His own little way of saying "Fuck you!" I suppose. Once he'd been caught, we went into the execution/ground fight. Things went pretty smoothly. So long as I keep calling out the moves, my partner can maintain a decent flow in the fight. That ensures I have plenty of time to get the collapsible spear to toss to Hood.

During a break in the action, I borrowed the Sheriff's shield (my own is at the blacksmith's for repair) to walk the list. When he saw what I was doing, he picked up another shield and lance. We walked it five times. I only hit on three of those; my muscles are NOT where they were at the end of last summer, and I want to make sure when I do hit, it is controlled. I'll be stopping by faire to walk it again today, and mayhap on Tuesday and Thursday as well.

After a brief lunch, we ambled over to the Chess Board for Game 2. Robin helped milfsrusand I finish our fight. It looks good; much much better than the ending we did for school days. We ran that several times, then Hood and I borrowed weapons and ran our rapier/dagger fight half a dozen times through. We ran the Game proper twice. During the second run, when we actually marked our fights, I hit my partner. In the head. With a staff.

I suck.

Yes, I know. No blood, no foul. It was the end of a long, physically exhausting day and the end of an ever longer, physcially exhausting weekend. These things do, on ocassion, happen.

I was still mortified.

The day ended with a cold beer - which somehow tastes especially brilliant as you sit with the sweat drying on you, muscles burning with the exertions of the day - and chatting with people I love.

Not bad, all told.
I feel: draineda-weary
Jobs, baby, Jobs!picoland on July 12th, 2004 04:56 am (UTC)
"I Suck"-

I'm not gonna go there....:)

and you are so far from suckage it's not funny.

sometimes, fatigue and overtraining something can lead to frustration.
Kendallmilfsrus on July 12th, 2004 04:58 am (UTC)
I agree I'm loving our fight now. Lesson learned make sure to duck.
Can I say how much Ilove working with my partner. You rock girl!
temperljtemperlj on July 12th, 2004 05:58 am (UTC)
Nosy neighbor on LJ
After your kind words in the main community I confess to reading your LJ
It sounds like you've worked crazy hard on ALL aspects of your performance Wish I could do half of what you do.
I hit my partner. In the head. With a staff. I suck.<.i>
It sounds like the person that was on the receiving end forgave you and is still willing to work with you. And as someome who has caused (accidently) injuries I can *totally* feel the guilt of that. After that sentence I'm guessing that now you've decided that staff fight will be DOUBLE fantastic and you will never even swat a mosquito with a staff again. ;-)

I can hardly wait to see the performance in person! And your sharing all the hard work behind it will make it even more unique and terrific.