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20 June 2004 @ 09:42 pm
Good rehearsals today. Much to mull over.

Allow me to say that I work with a ridiculously talented cast. I only hope I give them a smidgen of the energy and acting gifts that they give to me.

Oh, and one of my fight partners is going to make me look like a scrap o' lint. She's already spectacular, and with the costume they're planning... I could be standing in the parking lot for all the audience will care. Mrowr!
Kendallmilfsrus on June 22nd, 2004 06:10 am (UTC)
Girl now you know, You know, that you could never ever look like a scrap o lint! I mean come on now, you freaking radiate. and hon ain't no one in this world could eclipse your brilliance.
Kendallmilfsrus on June 22nd, 2004 10:15 am (UTC)
and the idea is a no go. Whew! I was afraid I'd have to work out some more.