Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Oh, right: this weather is DIFFICULT

I thought last rehearsal weekend was a trial, but this one is worse. Two days of 90+ heat that often feels 8-10 degrees warmer. Significant humidity. A goodly part of the day is spent in performance space with no shade. It's the nature of the stages. You drink water, you chug Gatorade or Emergen-C, you try to stay sufficiently fueled even though you really, really don't feel like eating. You try to stay positive, to set a good example, to avoid the cranky that threatens at all turns. You try to focus, to be a good scene partner, to be a good fight partner. You juggle logistics. Schedules. Personalities. You feel like crying because you worry that you're failing at all of this, that you're letting your people down.

You look around at the work your team is doing, at the work the entire cast is accomplishing, and you are both moved and proud. You see people taking care of one another: checking in on someone who is sitting alone, reminding folks to avail themselves of shade, pressing a mug of water into a friend's hands and not moving until they drink the whole damned thing. You recognize that this is a challenge, but it is preparing you for a rigorous, excellent, kickass performance run.

And then you chug another glass of water, read for a while, and crash. After all, you've got to do this all over again tomorrow.
Tags: nyrf, rehearsals, renaissance faire, sword fighting
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