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12 April 2014 @ 06:09 pm

This time last year, I was running four times a week and about to run a half marathon. Now, I can't run more than a mile without my hip screaming in protest. Not a huge deal (aside from 'my body is supposed to do what I tell it, with no whinging'), but running does help me lose weight. And I need to lose weight. And a lot of my other friends run and do very well with it and though I shouldn't be competitive about it, I sort of am.

Looks as if I really do need to add weight training, but I am not joining a gym simply to use the machines. Whatever free weights and kettle bells I have at home will have to do. Once things are a bit more settled with lawyers and cleaning out Mom's house, I can take a few more kickboxing classes on top of what I teach. Certainly I will do my Sunday yoga until my Sundays are no longer free, which is in about six weeks. I could also be smarter about what/how much I eat.*

Got a bit of extra exercise in today. Yard clean up totally counts! I raked and pruned and hauled wheelbarrowsful of leaves and branches and bits of plants I really ought to have cleaned up in the fall. The upshot is my veggie garden is cleared out, and the strawberry plants are uncovered and cleaned up. I still need to turn the soil; have done it by hand the past two years. May rent a tiller. Herb garden is ready for planting. Flower beds and shade garden are ready as well. It's too early to plant much, but I am eager to go. In the meanwhile, I'll have to satisfy myself with surprise!snowdrops and the other spring bulbs that are popping up around my yard.


Glory-of-the-snow and a budding hyacinth.

*so very unlikely

Molly: sherlockzapthatmonster on April 13th, 2014 01:39 am (UTC)

I had a similar story about running and I believe it is related to sacroiliac joint dysfunction - aka, one side of your hip is rotated slightly, which shortens your leg and screws up your gait. My right hip flexor always felt tight and awful after about a mile. I have been working with a sports chiropractor with a great deal of success and have started running again. So.. that's worth pursuing if it bothers you? I'm pursuing it with a lot of vigor because the hip pain was causing me day to day problems on occasion, but also because I really love running and want to do it.