Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

I was being so good, so focused, about my health and fitness. I can't do much in the way of running any more (short version: December challenge, screamingly painful hip, never really loved it anyway), but I was taking a few kickboxing classes in addition to those that I teach. One boot camp class, one to two yoga classes, two to three walks each week. Looking to add weight training.

Then, as it does, life got in the way. There was lots of driving. There was physical and emotional exhaustion. There were poor dietary choices.

I've been slowly making my way back. Weight training remains an issue, and one that must be addressed, but I'm doing vinyasa strength and flow once a week. Took a private aerial yoga class last Friday.* Today, I decided it was time I got my sorry butt back in kickboxing class. Mind, this might not have been my best decision. I taught two classes today, as well as a small group boot camp session, but hey... have to dive in at some point, right?

It was rough. My muscles felt heavy and slow. My energy was low. But I did it. For an hour, I let someone else call the shots. I focused on my bag, on my form, on getting the job done. It was lame, but when it was over I felt BETTER.


Why did no one tell me my hands were so far forward? YOU GUYS!

*TERRIFYING! Also: challenging, frustrating, and fun. But so, so scary. I am old and not bendy and deeply suspicious of the need to hang upside down. I'll be back this Friday.

Tags: fitness, health, kickboxing
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