Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Happy April!

I'm ever so happy to say goodbye to March. It was too cold and blustery and snowy for my liking. Now, I'm normally a fan of serious winter weather, but training outside for nigh on three months has tempered my usual enthusiasm. Done with running in single digit temps, done with snowy headwinds, done with being soaked by sleet, done with not being able to feel my face, done with the crazy amount of layers needed just to step outside the door, done with dodging (or worse, failing to dodge) icy patches and slushy puddles. Done.

Sorry. I promise that not every entry is going to be about running and the awfulness thereof. Well, it might be for the next two weeks, but after that I'll start to whinge about pull-ups and burpees and all 'round training for the Spartan Sprint. Lucky you!

In any case, today was, by turns, quite lovely. The sun was out early on, and while we got hit with afternoon showers and gusting winds, it's sunny and calm once again. My poor, abused willow tree is starting to bud. Yellow crocuses have poked through last autumn's leaves. Snowdrops are gleaming against the slowly greening lawn.* Spring is definitely starting too unfold, and I'm going to make an effort to enjoy the process. It will be a challenge; the next month is decidedly busy. Still. I can find the time to go for a hike, to take out the ol' roller blades, to sit in the sun and read, if only for a little while.

*which is weird, because I never planted snowdrops. I always meant to, but my fervor for gardening tends to be significantly diminished by the time autumn rolls around. I blame it on vegetable yields gone awry, slug invasions, and the realization that I simply do not, and never will, have an aptitude for growing things. Anyway: mysterious snowdrops. Yay?


Tags: spring
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