Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

I've received two bills for the aforementioned procedure (one from pathology, one from the doctor's office), but have heard nothing from the doctor herself. I could just call her, but... 

If I don't hear from her by Wednesday, I'll call. Really. I promise. 

In happier news, despite horrible skin* and persistent jiggle**, I took part in a photo shoot this Sunday past. A friend is trying to raise money to buy the facility where she boards her horses, and to that end has decided to put together a calendar. There are some gorgeous, striking women taking part, and a whole lot of beautiful horses. Several talented photographers are donating their services as well. Short story shorter, I willingly donned a chain mail halter and tried - oh, how I tried! - to convey 'fierce/sexy.' Mostly I was trying not to look directly at the lenses whilst battling my natural instinct to squint at the light from the reflectors. Having seen some preview pics of other models from the earlier shoot, I can tell you that this is going to be PRETTY!

*piss off, psoriasis. Also, why do you need to attack my nails right now? 
**less than there was, but miles to go... have been willingly running (ugh!) in this miserable heat and humidity (UGH!) because I am determined to be fit and strong. doesn't mean running sucks any-the-less, but (admittedly creeping) changes in my muscle tone spur me on. :)

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