Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Thanks to all for hugs, well wishes, and assuring me I needn't feel ridiculous about asking for a little bit of help in offsetting my pre-procedure anxiety. As it was, I didn't call for a prescription, but if this goes to the next step you are darned tootin' that I will. 

The procedure itself wasn't entirely horrible, though my wacky body composition ensured that discomfort would be at maximum levels. Once it was done and the doctor started talking me through what came next, well... I burst into tears. Ridiculous, horrified, unstoppable tears. On the plus side, she didn't see anything that set off crazy alarm bells. On the minus side, my wacky body composition made it difficult for her to get a truly thorough look. In any event, it's two or three weeks till I have results. 

In the meanwhile, I'm trying to be more active, a bit healthier in my nutritional choices, and - overall - more mindful. As I'm also approaching my (dear gods above I'm so much older than I think) 15th wedding anniversary, I'll include a picture of one of the engagement gifts. Sweet Jilly was only a few weeks old when Don gave me a ring and a polaroid, but at nearly sixteen she's still going strong! She's also considerably opinionated about Crimson Pirates rehearsals, as one is. Video to follow, if ever I remember to capture...

Tags: dorkishness, health, kitties
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