Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Sneaking an entry during the wee hours. Between my lack of posting this past year (or more) and the odd hour, I suspect this will go largely unseen, which is fine. 

Got bad test results. Have to go back for an, at present, minor procedure. Refuse to freak out just yet, but am fully ready to do so should the occasion/further awful results arise. While I'm usually able to focus-and-breathe most tension away, am seriously considering asking my doctor to prescribe an anti-anxiety med. Would that be reasonable? I honestly don't know.

Otherwise, I'm fine. Falling behind in reading and reviewing. Still grappling with weight and (less serious) health issues. But I've got good friends, a husband I adore, and adorable kitties. My mom gets healthier by the day, my sister is in a great place, professionally and personally. Scrambling to find my creative impulse. Reveling in seeing others embrace the same. Accepting I've made an egregious - perhaps unforgivable - mistake, and in turn accepting that whatever the universe flings at me is well warranted. Gardening, slugs and heat and drought be-damned. 

So, so, so. Should I manage to post with more regularity:  here's to less blither, more substance, less angst. 

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