Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Random things of randomness*

~holiday baking looms. not sure how much is going to get done. ah, well.

~likewise crocheting. I had such grand plans!

~I tend to overbuy for Christmas. this year, I managed to tame that impulse. as a result, I've spent most of today (i.e., the time spent sorting and stacking and wrapping) worrying that I didn't find enough gifts, nor the right ones, for anybody. the good news? I got over it.

~have decided to stop freaking out about my weight/body condition until the holidays have passed. basically, I can't work miracles in two weeks, even were my focus not divided to bitty bits.

~why, riptapparel? WHY? might've shrugged it off were it not that the (wrong size) shirt in question is an A:tLAB design. ugh. I should've gone with a plush Appa.

~girl's spa day (Saturday last) was fab. want to go again, mostly because I'm convinced they will magically make me pretty. also, the facial was glorious, and no one got weirded out by my freaky skin/nails. hmmm... maybe it's secretly a spa for super villains.

~mom's open heart surgery. it is happening. again. don't know when. this just sucks.

~there is So. Much. Meat. in my fridge.

~HT has taken to snuggling underneath his kitty bed on a regular basis.

note the sleepyface. once upon a time, he was a tough guy. heh.


*doo dah, doo dah
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