Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

So. How's it going?

It's been well over a month since last I posted. I really had every intention of revitalizing my LJ... not that so many people read what I write, or are hanging on my every word (which basically would amount to "your kitties did what now?", but I sort of like keeping a record of Things Wot Happened, in case I ever become famous. People will want to know things about me. Just you wait! In any event, I have not kept to that intent. No surprise to hear that life gets in the way. And that I'm lazy. And forgetful.

Anyway. Let me break it down for you.

Work: the gym has been franchised. The woman who bought the branch is lovely and energetic and has all kinds of Excellent Ideas. Keep your fingers crossed we can implement them and get this thing turned around. Being totally honest, here: this is a kickass and superfun workout. Once you get people to try it, it really sells itself. Thing is, you have to get them in the door, and that takes marketing and advertising and flexible options when it comes to pricing, all of which have been lacking since well before I assumed the 'temporary management' postion. Also, I completed my ACSM personal training course. Now I have to study like mad and figure out if/when I'm taking the certification test. *ulp* I also have to get myself back into reasonably acceptable shape that I might positively represent the gym/myself as a trainer.

Play: I am not a musician. I sing with the Crimson Pirates, but I am decidedly the least of their voices. I play a bit of bodhran and even less pennywhistle. I've written a couple of very simple songs. But then tomincloset gave me a tiny green ukulele, and taught me some chords, and my world shifted. Let's be clear: I am too old to truly cultivate such a skill. Damn if it isn't a whole lot of fun, though. My voice remains tatchy, my music theory is nil. But I can play a few songs, and I can suss out basic strum patterns, and really: it is flat out impossible to be unhappy when you're playing a uke. I'll never be as good as my other uke playing friends, but so long as they're willing to share what they know I'm delighted. And when it came time to pick out a new instrument, I didn't feel entirely at sea. Played around a bit, assessed the action, chose a beautiful Lanikai that I might never be able to do justice. Good times.

Everything In Between: Yes, I'm tubby and going terribly grey and feeling old. My creativity wants some serious examining/a boot in the butt. However, my kitties are adorable. My sweetie is sort of the best guy ever. My beautiful sister has found a great guy (can I have a halle-fricking-lujah?).

So... that's what's going on. Sorry it wasn't exciting or clever, but sadly, that's how I roll. Till next time...


vworp vworp, yo.
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