Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

 Pardon me while I feel a bit self-satisfied. I got stuff done today. Sure, I didn't get up an hour early to get my walk in before work, but I can do that later. In the heat of the day. In the bright, relentless sunshine. Okay, that self-satisfaction is fading fast. 

I did teach a pretty solid kickboxing class, complete with running laps of the building (it's like a field trip, but with less permission slips and bag lunches). After that I cleaned up the gym. I went to the cleaners to pick up/drop off (bonus: I remembered to take back the 736 wire hangers that have been hanging off my saddle rack - and no, that's not a euphemism). I stopped at the hardware store to get keys copied (bonus: skritch time with the store kitty). The library was next; there I donated as many books as they'd allow (a mere dozen, but it's a start!) and kept myself to a 3-book-minimum for checkout (bonus: one is a blog pick for September; knowing how long it takes me to write my reviews, I'm getting a serious head start). Grocery store after that, where I returned bottles and cans (bonus: three bucks, baby) and picked up veggies and a baguette and did not buy cookies even though I REALLY REALLY wanted them.

Still a lot to do today, but I've got momentum. I can do this. I am jiggly! 

Er, I mean mighty.

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