Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Oh dear HEAVENS. The drama that is 'me, writing a simple edit of a fairly short review' is nothing short of epic.

It's done, though. Sure, it took me sitting down and flinging words at the screen until some sort of pattern started to emerge, but hey - I haven't been writing regularly in a long, long, oh-so-long time. Here's hoping that as I do, those creative muscles will respond and I will be lithe and strong once more. Now to get on to Draft 1 of Review 2: Zombie Boogaloo.

Right after I go water the garden.

And practice the ukulele.

And go over the set lists for tomorrow and Monday.

And try on costume pieces in the hopes they still fit.

And poke HT until he wakes up so I can ask, "Who's a handsome kitty?"

And rewatch Appa-centric episodes of AtlAB.

And... dammit, I'm out. Suggestions welcome.
Tags: stuff and nonsense, writing
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