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30 June 2011 @ 12:51 am
So. Still working on drafts and edits and yet more drafts. Seems I'm a good with the 'summing it all up' portion but rather sod-all at 'yes, but what did you THINK about it? Feel free to express yourself in engaging prose.' This was my biggest fear going in; I'm bland. I'm middling. Y'all have heard me wax rhapsodic about certain things, but really? I'm not all that opinionated, and I'm most certainly not critical or discerning.

I desperately fear I won't be able to make it past three months.

I am utterly doomed. DOOMED!

So. How are YOU doing? :/

Oh, but I do have good news! My sister is free of her truly horrible parasite of a 'boyfriend,' my older kitties are sort of chilling out re: HT, my situation at work has never been better (spoiler: this one's a total lie) and I am progressing with the ukulele, albeit slowly.
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