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You know you're a grown-up when you get superexcited about your tax return. This is the first full year that we've not had to pay NJ taxes in addition to NY; it's also the first year I was able to declare items for my fitness profession. Bonus points for me: I remembered to make a contribution to our IRA before the tax day deadline. If you'd like to 'woot!' on my behalf, I would not take it amiss

Anyway, we don't owe anything to anyone, which is excellent. Our return is a wee bit more than we'd anticipated. While we won't be buying a BMW convertible in celebration* any time soon, we did go a bit wild.

Brace yourselves: we bought a new refrigerator.**

You heard me. Our current model was purchased new when, still newlyweds, we moved to Hawthorne. It's been wheezing a bit in the last few years; temperatures are uneven throughout, the crisper drawers are all manner of wonky, the cheese drawer is cracked and broken. It's not an utter loss, so we'll be moving it to the basement as a spare. If nothing else, it'll keep beer and wine cold for those wacky Kilcoyne parties.

In other news, my sweetie and I performed for about a hundred Girl Scouts last night. They were having a Renaissance Faire themed sleepover thingy; we did a half hour show that included various improv games and, of course, a swordfight. Despite not having done the latter in a good five years, I did not completely suck. Not that the girls would have cared if I did... it was all about me beating the heck out of the bald, goateed guy.*** Still, it's good to know my skills haven't utterly failed me. You never know what will be handy come the zombie apocalypse.

*Yes, I knew someone who did this. I will never, but never, be that posh.

**I was going to post a link as to which one, since I'd done some research and decided that this was a reliable brand and model. Then the internet reared it's terrible, abusive head and tossed page after page of complaints in my path. It boils down to this: my new fridge will 1. be an absolute, energy efficient dream or 2. melt the butter, sour the milk and burst into flames.

***love you, sweetie!

p.s. feel free to friend me over at Dreamwidth; I'm still finding my way around over there. Company would be most welcome!

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