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Strange, the things that are left behind. I do not speak of the old birdhouses, or the souvenir windchimes hanging by the kitchen window. Nor do I refer to the blue mattress in the side room, the washer/dryer that were supposed to have been cleared, the truck cap, the rusted axe-head with two inches of haft. I'm thinking of other items, tucked into corners, left as if by design; talismans or charms that once bespoke some small magic:

four spoons in a drawer

a shot glass decorated with a pewter heraldic lion, bearing an inscribed date

a spray can of silcone, a rusted pair of needlenose pliers and a dozen or so tiny nails, rattling about another drawer

a cast ceramic cherub's face - with an indent in the top of in which one could place a taper candle - in the corner of badly crafted bookshelves ("The woman I bought the house from said never move it from this place." I was told)

a bass drum beneath the basement stairs

scallop shells scattered along the edge of the outdoor shower

a flat stone tucked into the darkest corner of the highest cabinet in the wee kitchen

Odd, no? I cleared it all away, save the cherub... that is in the corner nestled in a loop of coaxial cable since I demolished the shelves. That one worries me a bit. I think I'm going to have to give that one a proper 'fare-thee-well.'
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