Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Let me share with you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a wee tilty house at the edge of the forest. The man and woman who lived there were quite happy, even if he was a wee bit larger than life and radiated supreme confidence and she was a wee bit muffiny and fairly certain she was, all things considered, sort of lame.

It so happened that in a winter of many snows, yet another fell upon the tilty house and it’s long, lumpy driveway. It was followed by a freezing rain, which meant clearing that long driveway was going to be No Fun At All. The happy couple rose in the dark and early hours to free the man’s vehicle that he might make the long journey to work. “Just let nature take care of this,” he advised, gesturing down the driveway before climbing into his silver chariot which, it was worth noting, finally had the proper registration sticker so the man might stop getting tickets for it every freaking week. “It should be warm enough that this will melt.”

The woman heeded his advice insofar as she planned to let the main stretch of the driveway melt - or not - as the day went on. “I will simply clean the upper portion, where our chariots reside,” said she, and with ice chopper and shovel she went to work. Four times she ventured forth, and four times she pushed the ice back until at last, one could walk - and drive - without fear of sliding uncontrollably. But then she noticed the long stretch of the driveway was looking sort of crinkly. This might have been in part because the woman had sprinkled magical melting pellets over most of it, or it might have been the wonder of nature at work. Most like, it was both. Slight edge to the pellets.

Whatever the reason for the breakdown of the ice, the woman decided she was going to clear just a little bit of it away... just enough that the chariots - especially her wee blue conveyance - might have more traction.

An hour later, she looked up from her toil and lo! the entire driveway was clear!

She was pleased, at least until she realized the man was most certainly going to grouse at her for taking on such an arduous task instead of allowing nature to do the work. She considered her response, and when the best she could come up with was, “How did letting nature take care of your car’s registration work out?” she decided to simply smile and nod and hand the man a bowl of delicious veggie curry and let the rest sort itself out.

~*~The End~*~

Wasn’t that lovely?

Pictures to follow!
Tags: house stuff, my sweetie, winter
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