Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

I quite like shopping when it's not for me!

Because he almost never takes note of my LJ, I can show you what I just ordered for my sweetie.

Now, I am delighted when my beloved husband tells me something he would like for Christmas. I'm going to get him gifts; better that they be something he actually wants/needs/will use than random stuff I buy because I have to have something beneath the tree. It's rare that I figure out such a gift on my own; I think I peaked with the hand-painted Starman jacket.

A few months past, Don's office moved from the horrible space above the Manhattan Mall to a charming building in SoHo. He's got a nice walk from the PATH to his office which, he mentioned, would be made more exciting/zippy with a scooter. Suffice it to say I've been researching 'adult kick scooters' online since; it became very clear that I could get a passable model for about $50, or I could spend four times that and get him a much better model that will weather the Manhattan streets, give a stable and comfortable ride and last him for years.

I did that.

Behold this sweet baby (in blue):

I ordered the fender kit (which doubles as a rear brake) and carry strap as well. Here's hoping he likes it!

This just in: I ordered this t-shirt from one of those 24-hours-only places (except that this was a rare repeat):

ETA: no matter how much I adjust the pictures, LJ is squishing them. Assume both items are less lanky than they appear.

ETA again: that last seems to have helped a bit.
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