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~Two weeks ago Saturday, I woke with a terrible sore throat, stuffed nose and all ‘round icky feeling. Three hour vocal rehearsal that evening was sheer misery. Fortunately, the cold quickly moved to my chest and, I thought, was well on it’s way out. Unfortunately, I was utterly wrong. Woke in the wee hours Friday morning unable to breathe without difficulty or swallow without pain. What with extra classes on my schedule and Thanksgiving fast approaching, I manned up and went to the doctor. My GP came to a quick diagnosis (sinus infection. splendid) and prescribed a Z-pack. In spite of my aversion to taking antibiotics, I was happy I’d only have to remember to dose up for five days. Today is that fifth day, by the bye, and while I still have some serious sniffles, the infection appears to be all but gone.

~Due to a combination of factors, I’ve been teaching a lot this past week or so. My shoulder pain is back, if at a middling level, and my right IT band is making its presence known. That last bit might have something to do with having taken up running.

~Speaking of running, I still am. Not as much as I ought to be, but what with two weeks’ worth of sickness, it’s been difficult to breath just standing still. I have gone for a few runs, one of which was mostly hills (so unhappy; I resented every single step) and one of which was on a day in which I was teaching three classes (and I’d taught the four previous days as well). Worst run since the very first day back in September.

~Still speaking of running, there’s one more local race this year. It’s another 7k, and as it’s on the first weekend of December, chances are it will be cold. I have no cold weather running gear. Also, the course is said to have ‘brutal hills.’ Maybe I’ll skip this one.

~Sunday morning, as I was fussing about the kitchen, my sweetie ran in from outside, grabbed the fire extinguisher and ran back out. In related news, on Sunday afternoon we bought a new leaf blower.

~Honda does not want my car to burst into flames. In perusing my service records, they noticed I had not yet had this problem fixed. I received a phone call and an email encouraging me to call and set an appointment. Sure, it’ll two hours out of my very busy and important life, but at least I know they care.

~Thanksgiving in two days! I still have silly amounts to accomplish, not least of which is driving to CT to retrieve my mom. She’s staying until Saturday (at a local B&B, since our wee tilty house has no spare bedroom) and I plan to feed her delicious food and show her our beautifully decorated downtown and make her want to move here sooner rather than later. Also, I need to make two chocolate pecan pies AND figure out how to do the green beans in advance so that they don’t arrive at the table overcooked on the day. And I need to clean my house, go to the dermatologist and - most importantly, perhaps - figure out what I will be wearing to the big family gathering at my SIL’s Barn House of Awesomeness.

~My kitty is smarter than me. She activated the voice control on my iPhone. *I* don’t even know how to do that.

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