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Rain decided my course of action today: hiking was out, running was in. I went an extra half mile past my usual turnaround and was rewarded with the loveliest stretch of the Trail I've seen so far. Knowing I'd be going a full four miles, though, I slowed my pace considerably. I don't even want to talk about how long it took me to run those four miles. Oh, and it started raining on me when I was about a mile and a half out. Good times.

After a sodden* journey to the grocery store, I came home, got on my computer and looked up local races. I'm not ready to do anything hardcore. It's likely I never will be. But I'm confident I could slog through a 5k, hilly terrain and all. My time would not be impressive, but I'd have run a race. Problem is, there are no local 5Ks that I can do before spring. There is one on Saturday, but I'm teaching a double that morning and have an appointment in the afternoon. On Sunday, there's a race not twenty minutes away from me. Better still, it's to raise money and goods for an animal shelter. What could possibly be bad about that?

It's a 7k.

4.35 miles.

I can barely slog through 4 on flat terrain. This is a hilly course. And it's 4.35 miles. And I've only been running (and we all know by that I mean doing the zombie shuffle) for a month. And I usually run no more than 3 miles, which is 1.35 miles less than the course of the race. And it's reallyreally likely my body will already be unhappy because, as I've already mentioned, I'm teaching a double the day before and I will probably be in the first day or so of my monthly week o'joy.

I am probably, almost certainly, going to do this. Heaven help me. Prayers to Hermes on my behalf are encouraged. Prayers to Hermès probably won't do any good.

Following a bout of serious exercise, I really don't care about how I look. Strange, because I'm usually super-critical of my appearance. That's not to say I go to any pains to make improvements; day to day I usually go for clean and moderately tidy without bits of stuff stuck in my teeth. It's a trial to look at myself in photographs; FB, what with 'anyone can tag you', is a nightmare. What I'm trying to say is that being sweaty and tired appears to be a good thing for my emotional well being of sense of self or some such thing. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
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