Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

I've been relegating running to my 'only when it's too rainy to do anything else' workout. Seems I should be incorporating it with a bit more frequency.

Still don't love it, but today was rather nice. I managed to get my run in before the rain hit, and though my pace was a bit *meh* (3 miles in 34 minutes: zombie shuffle, indeed) the trail was all but empty and smelled deliciously of autumn leaves and late-cut hay fields.

Not sure what to do tomorrow. I'm teaching again, as I did this morning and will again on Saturday, but having slacked off two days this week I really can't afford to again. Hiking would be all right, were it not to rain without cease. Had I a working bicycle, I could knock off a good ten miles. Obviously skating is out... unless I go to the Palisades Mall and hit the ice rink. And I need to get gloves and earrings and stuff to supplement my Prom Party outfit (in case you're wondering, I got kick ass faux-leather black buckle boots that I can wear to the party AND with my pirate costume the following weekend at MDRF), so it would be a one-stop trip.

Which leads me to my next bit of exercise worry... what do I do when winter hits? Don is convinced I should take up skiing, despite never having done it before. I'm thinking I need to ice skate a LOT, but I have to drive a distance to do so... though this does make me want to find an adult figure skating class geared toward the clumsy and chronically inflexible. If I can master even a halting Salchow, I can die happy.

No triple axels, though. Have we learned nothing from ICE CASTLES?

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Tags: exercise, fitness, running
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