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06 October 2010 @ 06:05 pm
It's been a mere four days since I last hit the trail, but in that time I discovered something very important: running in nice weather completely kicks the sorry, soggy ass of running in the pouring rain.

It's sheer luck that I chanced upon this revelation. I was all set to run yesterday - grey, chill and rainy though it was. At the last minute, a friend asked if I would go for a hike with her. I agreed, and packed what I would need that I might change after work. Once I got to the gym, I received a text saying the hike was cancelled. There I was, halfway to my now-established stomping (and skating and running) grounds, with no running shoes. Calling it a sign from the Gods, I went home instead.*

Today dawned grey but rainless. By ten, patches of blue sky were visible. By eleven, there was occasional sunlight. Errands, shopping, phototherapy (I changed into my running gear once I got out of the booth) and I was free to hit the trail. I did my three miles on pavement still too damp for skates (I've got my fingers crossed for tomorrow!), and I am fairly sure the sunlight and gorgeous fall scents wreaked havoc with my admittedly spotty ability to pace myself. Even so, I ran my three miles; I even sort-of-truly ran the last half mile. Well, I lengthened my strides, and for the last eighth-ish I attempted to sprint.

~side note: I've now run three times. Each time as I've slowed back to a walk, I've gasped something disparaging about my current state of physical fitness. Honestly, it just comes gushing out. I suspect that's the button: my run isn't done until I wheeze, "Wow. I SUCK."!~

Stretched out a whole lot, all the while thinking I need to do more yoga (Cat - we will talk!). Then it was groceries and laundry and litter boxes and a yearning for running gear (better shoes, a watch, and arm warmers (any sport that has it's own arm warmers has an undeniable hold on me).

Also: I saw an albino wooly bear caterpillar on the last mile. It was supercool, and makes me wish I had a time-spanning-Farnsworth so I could tell my paternal Grandfather and then ask him what the hell THAT meant about the coming winter.

Also also: am researching inline skates. More on that later, but if you have suggestions, get them ready!

Also x3: the sound of geese calling at dusk. The Wild Hunt rides!

*That my period started, violently, just before I left work might have factored into the decision.