Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Have I mentioned I hate running?

Today was wet and windy. Roller Blading was out of the question, and hiking would be dicey at best. Those rocks get slippery and I have enough trouble when it's bone dry. My options were walk or run on the treadmill, walk or run outside. I opted for the latter. Now, I don't need to be able to run any great distance, but it's sort of shameful if I can't do a mile without sucking wind in a big way.

I hit the Heritage Trail, jacket tied around my waist to hold the CARDIS key and the sunglasses I'd forgotten were on top of my head. I walked the first half mile to warm up, and then ran - or more precisely, jogged - the next full mile. Not remotely quick, but I managed. I took a thirty second breather, turned around and jogged all the way back to the parking lot.

That's right. A mile and a half. Non-stop. Sure, it was a glorified shuffle (though I kicked it up ever so slightly for the last quarter mile), but I freakin' did it. Forget that the trail is fairly flat. Forget that I took a break between that first mile and the last mile and a half. I ran for over a mile and didn't cramp up, gasp painfully or drop to a defeated walk. Maybe there's something to this running thing. I still don't love it, but it just might be bearable. All in all, I felt pretty great.

Then I stretched my right quad and crushed my sunglasses.

~The End~
Tags: fitness, running
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