Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Not teaching tomorrow morning (at least not so far). Babysitting duties aren't particularly taxing, so once I'm done working I have options. I can go for the two+ hour hike (challenging, rough on the sprained foot/ankle, in the beautiful early autumn woods) or go rollerblading (9.5+ miles, rough on the knee, mostly flat with the occasional twig or stone hazard, in the beautiful early autumn woods-ish).

My other option is to run the paved trail instead of strapping on my skates, but honestly? I get bored. SO. QUICKLY. My freakishly shaped ears preclude using my iPod; I've yet to find a set of earbuds that stays in when I move. Besides, I try to run too fast too quickly and get winded within minutes. I really, really suck at running.

Whatever I do, I really ought to spend some time with a weapon, be it broadsword or scimitar or quarterstaff. I'd quite like to get my body back into the stage combat groove. Chances are I'll never use those skills again, but they're fun, and drilling them is a decent workout.

EDIT: aaaaand now I'm teaching the 5:15 class. Bugger.
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