Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Ugh. Losing weight is a right bitch. It's extra bitchy when you're of a certain age and your metabolism has thrown up it's hands and proclaimed, "I've done all I can. You're on your own."

Patience is key, here. Would that I were better at it. I am eating more sensibly, and in the proper portions. Drinking lots of water. I'm upping my activity, though this is still a bit of a challenge on those weeks when I teach several extra classes. I do hike two or three times a week (at least until the snow starts flying). Roller blading is now - hilariously, and not a little bit painfully - in the mix. Weight training is an absolute must; I'm just wary of my hinky shoulder. I'd love to add biking and riding into the regimen, too, but there are only so many hours in the day. With all I'm doing, it's still going to take time to see results. I know this. But to quote a certain Spaniard, "I hate waiting."

I keep telling myself that 40 year old Kelly will never be as effortlessly slim and fit as 20 year old Kelly. I'll never fit into those old jeans. I'll never see those numbers on the scale. My hipbones are but a dear memory, my flat belly a fond dream. Best I can do is work very hard to trim the excess jiggle and keep myself active and strong.

And so I soldier on. :)

eta: a side effect of reasonable activity and improved diet is that my skin seems to be happier. Stress will always trigger my psoriasis, and changes in weather, and seventy or so other factors over which I have no control, but improving my skin's health is another reason to get my butt back in shape.
Tags: fitness, health
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