Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Still trying to figure out in which order I need to do these things tomorrow:

~Brown pork and get stew going in slow cooker.

~Go to phototherapy. Oh, my poor skin. It had been doing so well.

~Get back on my inline skates, preferably with 100% less falling and bloodshed.

~Skate one full leg of the trail and back again (approx. 9 miles). See above for further details.

~Hit Woodbury Commons. Don needs jeans. I need to see if the Crate and Barrel outlet has plates I like well enough. I really, really need dinnerware, and I'm thinking I need to be less fussy.

~Bake. I have made yummies for neither cast nor crafters. This is long overdue.

~Laundry. So necessary.

~Go to NJ? I mean, there's Fairway (which, unless I go veryvery first thing will be too crowded and cranky making), TJ's (likewise, but it's a bit more manageable), B&N (I miss this store. I miss these people. I will spend too much money, and I really really can't), a couple of good wine stores and the Mall That Will Eat Your Soul (but it has an Aveda store, and I need stuff).

~Sort out photos. At the very least, get the Disney and Universal pics in some semblance of order.

~Write. Something. Anything.
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