Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Too hot and oppressive to type. Yeesh.

I really meant to have Orlando Vacation: Day the FIRST! up and posted. Unfortunately, life and hiking and re-spraining my ankle got in the way. So, too, did cooking a mildly mocked yet still delicious meatless dinner. What I'm saying, really, is that all I have to share with your are three wildly overexposed photos. Now, I ran them through PSE. They did not self-correct. Apparently I'm supposed to have some sort of input into the process. My computer will not do all the work for me. What is this world COMING to?

Whatever. Here, the kidlets and I meet the T-Rex in Jurassic Park. My youngest nephew is the only one who gets how important this moment really is.


If it's not worth a musical theatre pose, it's not worth living.

T-Rex and I have a moment alone. I can not contain my glee. He can not contain his teeth. Expect great things.


Glowing like a Cocoon alien/Smeyer Vampire, I offer him a Chocolate Frog.


He tells me I must not long for him, that I must eschew him for a creature of the Quaternary Age. After a moment, he adds that I really do smell most delicious.

My eyes dart to the Chocolate Frog.

I hightail it out of there.

It's also worth noting that people have very strong opinions about airlines, airports, and the business of air travel, and that among everyone's wide and varied experiences it's still clear that US Airways sucks.
Tags: vacation
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