Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

I <3 leftovers. And Farmer's Markets.

I've swineherd's pie* in the oven. The very best thing about it, aside from using up leftovers and giving me much needed space in the fridge, is that it's topped with mashed purple potatoes**. I'm not sure how visually appealing it with be against the orange carrots, green peas and light brown pork and gravy, but as a whole it's fantastic.

Purple food. It's instant happy, folks.

*like a shepherd's pie, but with pork roast

**I got them at the Farmer's Market just this past Tuesday, but they were already starting to go a bit mushy. Also, I have a wee fresh mozzarella that needs consuming. I'm thinking tomorrow I'll served it with toasted sourdough bread, pesto, sliced tomatoes and the cheese.
Tags: food
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