Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Update: my foot felt a bit better today. Chances are pretty good that it is, indeed, sprained. At the very least it's been wrenched. Did a bit of self-assessment and figured that if I could walk on it without limping (too much), there was no call to go to the doctor. I did, however, devote a few hours to alternately bandaging and icing it.

So much for my treadmill regime. Not going to lie: I am so, so bitter.

In happier news: riding the gleeful, geeky wave of the Tron: Legacy trailer*, I convinced my husband to watch the original move (which he'd never seen). It's choppy and most certainly lacking by today's technological standards, but it's still a decent adventure story. For anyone who was working with computers back in the day, there's an extra level of nostalgia and delight. And here's something I didn't remember from when I was thirteen years old: young Jeff Bridges is ridiculously hot.

And speaking of that trailer*, it's underneath the cut. So, too, is a fan made trailer for the original film, giving it a modern sensibility. It's sort of fantastic.

New trailer for the older film:

New trailer for the new film:

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