Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

I don't usually put the bird feeders out in the summer, but the birds have been demanding I do so. The cardinal singing on the rhododendron isn't delivering a message from the Secret Country; it's saying "Seed. Now. Can't you move faster?" Sure, the squirrels steal their share. Even the wild turkeys get in on that action (three families this year). So, apparently, do the larger critters.

Perhaps this lovely lady is one of the deer that comes to visit in the winter.


She and the squirrel were nose to nose a split second before I got the shot.


And hanging back on the hill while Mama hit the good stuff...


"Don't WANNA eat my greens. WANNA eat nuts and berries and talk to squirrels."


Wonder of wonders, the deer aren't bothering anything else in my yard. The hostas flourish. My herb and flower beds are untouched (save for the lupin, and that's insects and/or mystery ailment). Save for the broccoli, my veggies are soldiering steadily on. If the price of that is a little bit of bird seed, so be it.

Also: WEE BABY DEER! There are twins running about, too, who spent a good half hour playing near the lilacs a few days past. Don won't let me watch when they near the street; he tells me when they're safely across. Wise man, my sweetie.

Apologies to formerlyfb; I know these beasties are nibbling on your yard and gardens with abandon.

Tags: wildlife
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