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08 July 2003 @ 07:22 pm
A rather nice day  
True, it's hot and humid. True, work was less than delightful; I still think I hear phones ringing. True, I have so very much to do in the next two days and no time in which to do it. Even so, I ended up having a pleasant day.

I went up to Faire to ride, as I will not be able to make Friday's rehearsal. Hey, it's the ONLY one I'm going to miss, and making sure Maid Marian doesn't have too much grey hair and does have a stylin' haircut is important. I rode Dante; Nick rode Oso (who kept sending my puzzled looks as if to say "Hey... aren't you supposed to be on me? What gives?") Dante tried to pull some of his tricks. I didn't let him. We argued a bit. I won. Then I worked on getting him to 'sit' in the pocket before rocketing down the list. A challenge, to be sure, but one worth attempting. When we were done, we washed the horses and I stayed to help feed, for which Nick seemed grateful.

I listened to Nickel Creek and GBS on the way home and stopped at the grocery store and bought Very Healthy Things for dinner. Now I sit typing this in the heavy golden light of dusk, a soft breeze stirring the warm air. One cat is curled up nearby; the other is sprawled on the cool tiles in the hallway. I am happy.
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I feel: cheerfulcheerful
I hear: October Project (the self-titled album)