Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Oh, somewhere there's single streak of green below

Glory Bees, the humidity has broken at last! Would that it had done so with the promised line of thunderstorms yesterday afternoon and evening. Once again, I had to water my garden, and I'm not pleased. I put the plants (which I bought as starts) into the ground (that someone else tilled and prepped). I mulched around the bases, weeded - TWICE! so far - and treated against potential ailments. Now, it seems, I'm expected to water, too... and not just the plot. Oh, no. My window boxes, the flower beds, my herb garden with it's newly sown echinacea (or is it tacos?)†... honestly, I think it's high time nature stepped it up.

Truth be told, though, I am glad of the sunshine. I think one of the problems last year - aside from my lack of the barest gardening common sense and truly cruddy soil - was the incessant rainfall. Also the early blight and powdery-effin'-mildew.

As to this year's troubles, I've not a clue as to what is going on with the (newly planted) lupin; it's all brown-spotted and eaten to bits. I sprayed it with a natural antifungal/insecticide to no avail. It really, REALLY wants to survive; it keeps putting up new leaves that last a few days before succumbing to the creeping brown. My sedum, which was an end of season purchase last summer (poor thing, all cramped and sad in that wee plastic container) was flourishing. Just this morning, though, I found a good quarter of it bound up in fine, tightly spun spider webs. I freed it best I could, but after a few minutes there was nothing for it but to throw the stick to the ground and run off shrieking in a supremely girly manner, flappy hands and all. *ughSPIDERSshudder*

Question for those among you who are possessed of Garden Fu: some of my tomato plants are growing tall and lush and starting to put out blooms. Those which are slow to flourish already have a fruit or two forming on the plant. Is this hindering the growth? Same thing with my pepper plants.

More weeding tomorrow. I might hit a couple of the local nurseries to see what's still on hand. I've yet to plant anything in the would-be night garden, and I do want to get some hardy/any idiot can grow them perennials mixed in among the herb bed. I've still got a bit of room in the veggie plot, too, but I can't imagine what's worth putting in at this late date, or even what's left to buy.

It's probably too late/too warm to plant peas from seed. Right? RIGHT? Would it be stupid to go ahead and do so anyway?

Won't someone come live with me and be my gardening sensei? *taps hoe* Is this thing on?

This is why I should NOT store my seed packets in the kitchen. It's probably a good reminder to put things away in the pantry in due order as I unpack my groceries.


It's been pointed out that I look as if I'm wearing nothing but a hat, gloves and seed/taco seasoning packets. I'm delighted to spare you that mental image; I'm in an sports bra, threadbare tank top and a fair amount of dirt smudges.

p.s. There is a whistle pig in my yard. I want to snuggle her. She is not board on with this plan.

p.p.s. The chipmunk that taunts my kitties through the screen door has found a friend. I am determined to catch their antics on video. They've got some serious moves.

p.p.p.s. I quite like the idea of Glory Bees.
Tags: dorkishness, garden, house stuff
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