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24 April 2004 @ 09:32 pm
the count down meme, pinched from dranaan  

8 fictional characters you'd love to hang out with:
(yes, I am primarily going for the hotties)
1. Fence
2. Merriman Lyon
3. Destruction (of the Endless)
4. John Crichton
5. Kyle Rayner… hey, he’s single now!
6. Pilot (from Farscape)
7. Ramses Emerson
8. Sir Samuel Vimes

7 celebrities you'd invite to dinner:
1. Jane Yolen (author)
2. Neil Gaiman (author)
3. Maddy Prior (singer)
4. Bruce Campbell (actor)
5. Connie Willis (author)
6. Joss Whedon (writer, director)
7. Bill Bryson (author)

6 things on your desk:
1. The first chapter, greatly marked-up, of ‘Rook’s Haven’
2. Neil Gaiman’s ‘Stardust’
3. Bobble-head Stinky-Cheese Man
4. Hawkman #27
5. Isabeau (my beautiful calico cat)

5 places to visit:
1. British Isles
2. New Zealand
3. the Maritimes
4. India
5. Australia

4 things you probably don't know about me:
1. As I child, I knew with complete certainty that my horse models came alive at night.
2. The thing that scares me the most: tornadoes.
3. Half of me is completely certain that I am a good writer, and that I will be published. (the other half know about – the whimpering, procrastinating, doomsaying half)
4. I really think I may want kids. Eep.

3 things you wish you had right now:
1. A cure for psoriasis
2. A publishing deal
3. A house of our own, fully paid for thank you

2 names you wish were your own:
1. Melisande
2. Angharad

1 Day you love the most:
1. The first true autumn evening, when the earth gently releases the warmth of the day, but there is a chill in the breeze and the scent of dying leaves under a clear, star strewn sky. It sets my heart to aching.
I feel: tiredweary
Ratesjul: awayratesjul on April 24th, 2004 06:56 pm (UTC)
I *love* the last line of that.