Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Heretofore I have not been the sort to post gifs, but following the season finale of Doctor Who I find that may be about to change. Lest I spill spoilers to anyone who might care, I'm making a practice run with this bit of adorkableness. Spoilers in comments v. possible. Be warned!


Who dresses Matt Smith? He's ever so awkward and dweebish. It totally works for him; I'm not complaining. And I guess it's no surprise that his Doctor's ensemble was arrived at with his significant input.

But then there's that fully awesome blue coat he wears in the Confidentials (and in NYC, I think, and Glastonbury). Smart, sharp, and all 'round fantastic.

Hmmm. Somehow, this is leading me toward an examination of the tics of the Eleventh Doctor, which really is a (collaborative?) post for another time.

Now, then. That was a fair bit of work getting this up and running. Am I making it too hard on myself? Is there a simple way to embed a gif? I'm counting on your superior brainpower, LJ.
Tags: gifs
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