Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

DW Series 5 finale

More once I've rewatched and processed and thought things through in a sufficiently thinky way, but for now my immediate thoughts are under the cut.

River Song continues fantastic. I'm more than a bit worried for the next time she meets the Doctor, but still... love her ever so much. Again, hats off to Alex Kingston for bringing the awesome.

Rory. RoryRoryRoryRory.

Of COURSE the Doctor was in a fez (and though I cried "NO!," the destruction of said headgear was a thing of delight).

Wee. Amelia. Rocks.

A sky with stars? That's just a fairy tale. (I'll bet she bit that psychiatrist)

Amy's tiny Dad. Hee!

River. The Dalek pleading for mercy. That is hardcore, folks.

Eleven's love for the TARDIS is just... guh. Sweet.

Eleven in formal wear? With a white bow tie? And a top hat? And being a thoroughly dorky dancer? WITH THE KIDS? *fans self*

Rory.... two thousand years. The boy who waited. (This? This is where I burst into tears)

Love so very much the idea of Rory (aka Mr. Pond) and Amy, in love and married and all manner of awesome, traveling with the Doctor.
Tags: geek tv
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