Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

This morning, I noticed spots of dried blood all over my kitchen floor. The countertop is so dark I couldn't read if there were any spots there, but I saw nothing on the windowsills, the basement floor or the wood floor of the living room.

Naturally, I checked all of the kitties. No scraped or torn paw pads (is was impossible to tell with Esme; she loves the snuggling but not the scrutiny) or any other visible injuries. Oh well, thought I, I suppose I'll never know.

Shortly thereafter I took a shower. As I was toweling dry, I noticed a red smudge on one of my pinky toes. You guys - I was the culprit/injured party. I have no idea how I cut my toe, nor when. There's no blood on the bed sheets, nor on the floor of the bedroom. My toe isn't even a little bit sore.

Maybe I got up, half asleep, in the middle of the night to battle the onslaught of ants that's been plaguing my kitchen. Maybe they fought back. Maybe the blood on the floor was a map of the battle, and the cut on my toe is a mark of victory, a badge of valor.

Or maybe I stubbed it without realizing and it sealed up again right quick.
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