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28 May 2010 @ 11:53 pm
Had a lovely last minute dinner with the local in-laws (my sweetie's younger sis, her husband and their three thoroughly fantastic kids). I've been tasked with finding safe, stage combat worthy weapons of a size to start teaching the two oldest kids basic swordplay (though my oldest nephew informed me that staves would be acceptable, too) and encouraged - most enthusiastically - to accompany them on a family trip to Disney World in the late summer.

I've never been to a Disney park. I adore these kids. This just might need to happen. And, since it would happen during the week, my sweetie could make it as well. We haven't had a vacation in years. We could spend a couple of days with family and maybe - just maybe - take a day or two for us.

The only downside: the local in-laws are the ones who take care of our kitties whenever we're away; I'd have to kennel all four cats. The upside of the downside: they would all come home from the kennel freshly bathed and with claws trimmed.

I'll start looking at air fare tomorrow. Just for grins.