Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Woke up this morning to significant discomfort in my sternum. It's particularly pronounced when I take deep breaths, when I bend over to pick something up, or when I move my right arm in any way. Moving the left arm also increases the pain, though with less intensity. In addition, my neck and right shoulder are stiff; I reckon I must have pulled something.

My treatment so far: hot shower, extra strength Excedrin, lots of water and single-minded conviction that this will pass by tomorrow morning.

I'd intended to weed and start planting my veggie garden; looks like that will have to wait another day or so. There's still light gardening that shouldn't trouble the ouch. I can de-slug the flower beds and fuss about with the herb garden. The mini-roses want some attention. I didn't prep them for the winter; two of the three don't seem to have minded so much, but they're sprawling and ungainly. Should I stake them? Trim them back? Do I do that in the fall, or do I just let them go?

Also, I've got that new shade garden. I've go NO IDEA what to plant, and where, and how closely.

Who wants to come and be my on-site gardening consultant? I can pay you in meals and kitty snuggles.
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